Private Lessons

Private and small group photography lessons

Tony teaching student Sony a6000 settings

Learn the basics for using your Sony Alpha 6000, 6300, 6400, or 6500 camera. Capture epic photos while traveling or engaging portraits of your friends and family under any conditions.

This is a private or small group lesson which allows for interactive and personal learning. With a private lesson, you’ll maximize your time with the teacher making sure you leave with a much deeper understanding of how to use your Sony Alpha camera as well as how to compose good pictures. You can also pair up with a friend or a significant other. Learning along with someone else adds the benefit of different viewpoints and can enhance your learning process. It will also add to the fun of the class with someone else to photograph.

What You'll Learn

Tony teaching student Sony a6000 settings

How to setup your camera

We’ll go over your camera’s menus and talk about the important options and features. We’ll talk about what settings to use when and how to quickly access them. Finally, we’ll setup your camera so you’ll be ready to take amazing pictures next time you turn it on.

How to take properly exposed photos

We’ll dive into the 3 exposure settings that all cameras have – ISO, shutter speed, and aperture – and explain how to use them to capture photos that are perfectly exposed. We’ll also take a look at White Balance and see how it controls the temperature or tone of our photos.

Tony teaching student photography exposure
Student taking picture of Tony

How to move beyond Auto Mode to take better photos

We’ll introduce the semi-auto and manual modes of your camera and when you’d want to use them. This will open up more power and control over your camera and the photos you take. It’s time to move beyond Auto Mode and realize the potential of your camera and yourself.

Various tips and tricks along a photo walk in the city

We’ll walk around one of San Francisco’s famous neighborhoods practicing real life photography. This is great time to practice the new semi-auto and manual modes you’ve learned. Along the way, we’ll give you the tips and tricks that professional photographers use to capture stunning photos under any conditions.

Tony teaching student various compositional tips

What You'll Need

  • Your Sony Alpha 6000, 6300, 6400, or 6500 camera.
  • Your kit lens and a telephoto lens (optional).
  • Your Laptop for basic editing with the Mac Photos app or Lightroom.
  • Appropriate layers for San Francisco weather.
  • A smile and excitement to learn!

How it works

This is approximately a 3-4 hour session. We'll meet in Hayes Valley as a central starting point and walk from there. Once you purchase a lesson, you'll be emailed with more details for selecting a time. Available times vary between M-F evenings (5pm-9pm), weekend mornings (10am-2pm), weekend afternoons (12pm-4pm), and weekend evenings (4pm-6pm). Once a time is scheduled, all you have to do is show up and we'll take it from there.

Private 1-on-1 $249 * $249 per person A 1-on-1 lesson provides the best opportunity for learning and guidance.
Besties & Couples $449 * $224.5 per person Bring a friend or a special someone for more savings and more fun!
Bigger Groups Contact me for pricing and availability for groups bigger than two people.